Online Video Lessons

The Next Best Thing to Being There.


Online Video Lessons

Shaughnessy Golf offers online video lessons to help you "Play Better Golf Today."

Online Video Lesson



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PGA Tour pros stay in touch with their coaches from around the world via the Internet. Sometimes it’s impossible to be shoulder to shoulder. And, sometimes, there’s no reason to waste the time. Remote video lessons are proven to work and they’re time and cost effective.

Online Lessons are perfect for:online-golf-lessons

  • Follow-ups to on-location lessons – to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • When you’re traveling or live a long distance away. Whenever it’s inconvenient to be here.
  • While you’re preparing for an important round or tournament.
  • If your swing disappears and you need a keen eye for a quick fix.
  • When you’re practicing alone and wonder if you just “found it!”

How It Works – it’s a snap.

  • Capture swing clips on your smartphone or camera (face-on & down-the-line).
  • Upload swing clips into your Student Portal.
  • You’ll get a notice when your video lesson is ready (usually under 24 hours)

Ryan will review your videos, telestrate (draw lines and angles) and add a voice-over analysis. You’ll get notice that the feedback you need to improve your game immediately is in your Student Portal – ready to view.

"Hey Ryan - wish I could get home more often, but these video lessons are really helping - if I shoot a good round tomorrow, they're going to put me at #1 for our next match. Thanks again, see you soon."
- Kyle Johnson
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